A New Journey-by Pritam Biswas ThePb

It’s a journey, a journey which starts from the last day of my college. The journey whose beginning starts from ones ending. Ending of my school life, ending of my college life, ultimately ending of my academic life. As the clock ticks, both time and life travels by holding hands of each other. And from now my life’s new era is going to be started. My occupational life. The stage of life when I am going to earn not only money but also experiences, responsibility, self-respect, leadership quality, etc. I know that in this stage I have to face much … Continue reading A New Journey-by Pritam Biswas ThePb

Exam cancelled

 Aj amader political science subject er porikkha. Preparation tao valo hoyechilo na kintu moner jore porikkha ta dite gachilam.  Sei sokal 5tay ghum theke uthe ami 7:4 er majherhat local dhore soja khidirpur station pouchalam.  Tar por sekhan theke center ta dekhte glam.  Center ta dekhe abar hatte-hatte khidirpur station e ese boslam karon college ta khub congested area te. Bosbar jaiga bole pray kichui nei. Jokhon 1ta bajlo ami ar akash abar centre er dike jete laglam. Oboseshe pouchalam dujon,dekhlam Soham ar Subhronil o bose porche.  Tader sathe amrao jogdan dilam jate ektu revision hoye Jay.  Tar por 1:30e … Continue reading Exam cancelled